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miércoles, 31 de octubre de 2012

characters according to Propp

Vladimir Propp: Characters in The little mermaid

Vladimir Propp concluded that all the characters could be resolved into 8 broadCharacter types in the 100 tales he analyzed
The villain: isthe Sea Witch, a malicious person who wants revenge against the Sea King and
·         find a perfect occasion when she knows little mermaid´s purposes. She produces harm on the Sea King who loses his daughter, on the little mermaid who suffers great changes and on little mermaid´s sisters who lose her hair in an attempt to help her. The villain is also who apparently helps the heroine with magical elements. We think that in this story the donor is the witch, since sue is the one who gives the heroine the possibility to have two feet instead of her tail.

·         The Heroine: is The Little Mermaid, a beautiful creature whose main treasure is her voice. He wants to live her proper experiences and is overwhelmed by her emotions. She fell I love with the prince but is unable to marry him because of a terrible misunderstanding. As she represents. She struggles against her society, her family and her culture to demonstrate that she is an individual with proper emotions necessities and wishes. She suffers a lot of changes along the story but finally she recovers her essence and lives happy for ever

·         The false heroine: is the princess who marries the prince, since she is usurping the place of little mermaid because of a terrible mistake.
  •  The Sea King: warns the mermaid about all the dangers of the other world, but he     cannot convince her. He suffers his daughter´s absence but he is unable to do anything against the curses of the witch

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