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miércoles, 8 de mayo de 2013

PART OF MY FIRST ENTRY: My First Experience as a Writer

It is said that writing is a process, that has to be absorbed by our mind. Obviously, my mind has not absorbed enough informatrion yet. In accordance with my experience about this first writing, I have to admit that I firstly felt preocupied, anxiuos and frightened at the same time. that was not only because of the three hundred words required, but also because I really desire to do an acceptable product. As you have told us, I started to write and write without any sense nor order. When I returned home and read it again, I felt ashamed , it was horrible as you have told us.
Fortunately, after having read all the material of Academic Writing, I believe that I have improved my writing a lot. It is my desire that I could have succeeded in this porpose.
 I am waiting for your opinion about it, but I am sure about something, I have learnt a lot.

 Firstly I felt like this Now I am more confident about my writing

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