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martes, 9 de julio de 2013


                                                The liberation of dreams

                                          An open place with novel ideas

                                                       Ana Lia Alonso

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                                              Proffessor S. Saubidet

                                                      July 12, 2013

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 Ana Lia Alonso         
Proffessor: Stella Saubidet
ISFD N° 41
9  July, 2013
                                      The liberation of dreams
                                  An open place with novel ideas
[]      One of the major challenges that Argentinian´s government has to cope with, is the inclusion of people from different origins. This social and political crisis is a consequence of immigration, which produced an ethnic mix of foreigners with different ideologies and believes. In accordance with the 2009 Census, it was estimated that more than five million immigrants from different races inhabit our country. They are distributed in a place, in which inclusion is one of the most important subjects to take in account in the agenda of our authorities. It is not a generalized knowledge that Art is so important in the struggle of achieving an inclusive place to live for all the human beings, but on the basis of some positive experiences, it was concluded that Art in the place of social change, plays a definite role as well as Arts-based methods are the best medium to understand diversity as a possibility to learn, instead of a manner to differentiate.  Roland Bonay affirms:” inclusion is the understanding, respecting, valuing, and accommodating of human and cultural differences”, Leo Tolstoy says:”art is one of the means of intercourse between man and man”, and according with the dictionary “art is the making and expression of what is beautiful in a space without rules, differences or prejudices”[…] , is a form of communication”. Undoubtedly, one
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of the cornerstones of inclusion is to understand that everybody should be considered an equal, and Argentina is an open world with new ideas to achieve this aim through Art.
      Unfortunately, when certain racially prejudiced groups think that Art or whatever disciplines that promote inclusion are not important to take in account, we are going back as humans. A clear example of this is the expressions of close-minded persons, who think that insecurity is a consequence of an open country with revolutionary ideas to include people in it. They are accustomed to thinking the world as a place composed by different people. Luckily, psychologists, sociologist as well as investigators are making an effort to solve this, providing information about diversity through conferences, projects, participatory Art expositions as well as interesting novel activities. With these admirable enterprises, they desire to demonstrate that Art is the integration of mind, body and spirit that generates collaboration, joy and understanding.
       As a first example, In Tecnópolis, there is a pair of rooms where the hearts´ beating of people from different origins are recorder and exposed in a magnificent Light and Sound spectacle. It is one fascinating example to take in account, since humans should not consider different the things that nature shows as equals. In the same way, each month, the Italo-Argentinian Organization, invite people from Armenia, Bolivia, Denmark, Chile, Spain, USA, Perú and Portugal, to a Friendly Tea, in which they can share music, dance, pictures as well as all the manifestations of culture as a manner to learn that the understanding of diversity can enrich everybody. As if it was not enough,  the celebration of The Immigrant´s Day every year, takes place in Immigrations. In it,
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 Latin-Americans, Africans, Asians and Europeans share their ancestral Art and their different languages in the opening messages.
       The preceding examples, are only a little proof of the several projects and new activities that are in process in Argentina. The spectacle of the beating hearts is an interesting possibility to meditate on the teaching of nature about equality; the friendly tea is a novel form of communication in an intimate friendly place and sharing Art manifestations as well as different languages in a celebration, is an acceptation of diversity. Although some people still use the word “different” instead of “diverse” or ”you” instead of “us”, thanks to some organizations and responsible investigations, it is possible to affirm that Art is the best medium for a new dialogue, a bridge to join the diversity. In our country, there are many activities that make the difference. It is a fact that when difference and prejudice changed by equality and recognition, the liberation of dreams would provide us, little by little, with a fairer world at the end of the rainbow.





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