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sábado, 29 de septiembre de 2012

Analizing an Ad:

  • 1-What product or service is being advertised?
  • 2-What advertising technique does the ad employ?:humor?, Celebrity ? ,endorsement?, Personal testimonial?, Image?, Product quality?, Sale or promotion?
  • 3-Wha is the message of the ad?
  • 4-What about the ad inmedately appeals to you?
  • 5-What demographic (age/sex) do you think the ad is targeting?
  • 6- Does the ad provide you with the information to what is most important to you when choosing to buy? If not why do you think this information is not included?
  • 7-Do you think the ad is misleading?
  • 8-What are the ways you would change the ad to make it meet as a consumer?
  • 9-Think about things you´d bought recently, which of the following influences buyer advertising, appearance brand loyalty, origin, durability, environmental impact, labor, color, behavior, popularity, product guarantee.
 I chose this ad, because I want to share it with you, not only to give you my impressions about it, but also to discover the hidden peresuaders on it. Ads sre a communication strtategy created to persuade an audience through the influence of its feelings and, in this particular ad, some strategies are used to succeed in this purpose.      .
This is an ad of a face cream that employs the image of a beautiful girl who is using it, and
confronting with herself using the leader brand cream, in the other half of the screen. Making so, the ad tries to convince the possible consumers by demonstrating the apparent quality of the product. The promotion is interesting, since no price appears, and the appeal is directed to the benefits of a miraclously result.
The strategies used are repetition of the name of the product and it results, name calling through the comparison with the leader band cream, and it also uses scale, since the product shown seems to be big, but surely it will be smaller than you expect  at tha moment of buying it.
The message is terrible, from my point of view,because it is assuring that, to be beautiful and to have a white skin in seven days, it is imperative to use the advertised cream, not the leader one.
Nothing in it appeals to me, but I think that it tries to attract the attention of consumers by persuading them with the marvellous results in  few days.
 The ad is targeting young girls, who need to be perfect to succeed in their jobs. Nowadays, in a competitive world, a product which assures bussiness girls to acquire perfect skin in less days and with perfect results,will influence their feelings in the way the ad expects.
   It also provides the exact information that is neccessary to influence consumers, by emphasizing its excellent results. It is for me a disloyal ad, which uses the comparation to make people avoid using the other brand. When I want to buy something, I generally choose a product that shows me all its qualities, but not by trying to convince me that using it, is the only way to be perfect. Nobody is perfect, and this kind of ads make young girls think that perfection is easy.
 I have recently bought an electric coffee maker, and the thing that made me chose it, was the fact that it gave me a lot of facilities to pay s, a good guarantee, and that  the ad that attrakt my attention, was a real ad one, without  the use of disloyal techniques or impossible results. It is better to take care before buying something, than being dissatisfied later.

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