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viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

construction of reality by media

It  is an interesting ad, since it doesn´t try to persuade anybody to buy something. It also wants to make people be conscious of the neccessity of taking care of water. Showing  half a bench, the ad appeals to everyone in two ways; first of all, it teaches that people can live with half the water they do, and secondly, it tries to teach everybody that if we do not take care of it , we will loose half the liquid element of the planet. Obviously, this ad wants to move people to reflect in their needs, and to attract everybody´s attention by appealing to their feelings and knowledge about this world´s problem
It is clear the power of media because of evidence, since thanks to this ad, that is seen by a lot of people, at the same time all around the world, we are aware of the problem, or at least we become more conscious about it.

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