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viernes, 5 de octubre de 2012

construction of reality by media 2

This is a charactertistic ad of Burger King, whose slogan is " It´ll blow your mind away", assuming that the hamburger is so tasting, that your mind will explode of pleasure, and associating, eating it associating good tasting with tis product, so it creates reality showing a lifestile. Media assures that so many people, at the same time, are looking at the ad all around the world. It appeals to the possible cunsumers through the image of a big and tempting  hamburger, in front of a beutiful girl who seems not to be able to  put it into her mouth because of its size. It tries to demonstrates that there is no time, nowadays, not only for cooking good and healthy food , but also to waste an hour in a restaurant to eat. I think that the message wants to convince consumers, that if you smell it and you have it in front of your eyes, you won´t avoid eating it. Obviously when you buy a hamburger , you immediately discover that it isn´t as big as it appears in the ad. so one of the strategies used is scale and repetition of the product, persuading consumers of the neccessity to eat it.

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