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sábado, 6 de octubre de 2012

Identifying the hidden persuader in advertisings

This advertising takes one´s interest through the use of an efficient strategy, since the product is never shown till the end of it,  so it uses omition as a way of maintaining the consumer´s interest. We can also identify different strategies such as humor, product quality, associating it with a lifestyle of adventure, and finally it uses scale, because as everybody knows, the ads of this product always
 shows a hamburger that does not have the real size.
 In the advertisement, one can observe an apparently perfect couple who is involved in some events. All the time, the man demonstrates to be very polite with her, till the moment they have to share the Mac Donal´d food. Although I think that the ad is horrible and violent, I have to recognize that the strategy used is excellent, as it surely persuades the audience to continue watching the video , to  discover what is it about.
The message given is that nothing  is comparable with the pleasure to enjoy a Mac Donald´s food, and the man is not capable of sharing it with nobody.
McDonalds.(2007) Available at:

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