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miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013


 It is said that to be considered a writer involves a lot of characteristics that everyone do not have. If you think that to be a writer is to be known all around the world or to finish your life being recognized by magazines, you will not probably succeed in it. But I really believe that it is not neccessary to be famous and well known to be a writer. So, through this work I want to demonstrate not only that everyone can be a writer, but also why I think so.

Many times in my life, when I read a book of a famous author, I could not understand what he wanted to communicate and what is more, he didnt make me feel anything. On the other hand, sometimes reading an unknown writer I felt a lot of things.I believe that the two conditions to be a writer are: to enjoy writing and to be grammatically correct. Starting with these, each time you nned to put your words in paper, and these words reflect the images of your soul, or when  your writing makes somebody cry or laugh, when you feel that there are feelings and emotions to transmit into words,each time the images appear in your soul and coul be transfered into paper, you are a writter.

In the same way, when you do your best to complete a homework or when you make an effort to compete with a mate at school, you are a writer. Perhaps you have to be agressive, authoritative, competitive or whatever you feel. You can enjoy writing or not, you can be boring or interesting, but you are a writer.

Resuming, each time in your life that you need to illustrate images with words, your writer inside you is trying to appear. You only have to believe that you are a writer.

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