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miércoles, 1 de mayo de 2013


 It is said that to be considered a writer, a person has to possess some requirements that not everybody fills. In other words you have to be born a writer, to be recognized and well known around the world or what is worse, you have to be dead. I think that these are conditions to be a professional writer, not a writer. Above all, who have the right to affirm what or who should be considered like this. Through this work I desire to demonstrate that you have a writer inside your heart, expecting to put your ideas, emotions as well as feelings into words, even though you were not totally correct in grammar.

Although you have to be agressive when you transmit your thoughts, or if you need to be authoritative whenever you are communicating something, be sure that every time you succeed in transfering into paper the images of your soul, whenever you use strong or weak words doing your best to compete with a mate at school or you make an effort to complete a homework that you hate,  you are becoming a writer.

Even though you will never be famous, if you feel yourself a creator of an imaginary word, and at the same time you can communicate your emotions, if  your work has the power to make someone cry, laugh, be afraid or relaxed, something is changing into your mind, your body, your heart. Since then, you will be a long or short, boring or interesting writer, you can enjoy doing it or not,  but at the same time a special proccess is growing into you.

In conclusion, accordingly with the opinions given below, I really feel that, as soon as you let your imagination fly as well as you let your mind express, if at the same time your hand is cappable of putting all these into words, something is trying to emerge. At this point you only have to believe that you have a writer inside your heart.

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